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A Distant Youth (pana011)

by Wu Fei

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Chun Song 04:10
Ping Tan 01:05
Diao Chan 04:27
Hunan 02:38
Dawn 02:51
Qu Qur 03:30
Feng Huo Tai 02:02
Wu Yin 03:04
For Yuxi 02:58
Nothingness 02:24
Mad Season 02:49
Mukamu 04:55
Break Away 01:47
Paper Boy 03:02


A Distant Youth is her debut CD, recorded in the Italian Alps, Venice, Parma, and Guerrilla Studio in Oakland, CA. Wu Fei has composed music for solo instruments, string quartets, choirs, orchestras, modern and traditional dance, film, and various chamber ensembles. She is also featured on Fred Frith’s newest album of film music entitled Eye to Ear II, which received high acclaim from The Wire in April 2004.

優雅さとピンと張りつめた緊張感ある音を奏でる中国伝統の楽器、古筝(こそう、グーチェン)。そしてしなやかさと妖しさを持つ自身による女声ヴォーカルが冴える中国/ 北京出身のWu Fei( ウー・フェイ) による2007 年発表のファーストアルバムが初国内盤化!
中国の伝統的な楽器による演奏、メロディを踏襲しながら、フリージャズにも影響を受けた現代的な解釈も積極的に取り入れた民族/ 伝統音楽の最新アップデート版、ニュースタンダードといえる作品です!

2007 年イタリアのアヴァンレーベル、フォレストヒルか らリリースされた本作。即興と作曲、両方の要素を含み、後 にジョン・ゾーンの Tzadik Records からセカンドアル バムがリリースされる理由も分かるほど、HENRY COW のフレッド・フリス全面参加のアルバムである。加えてヴ ァイオリン奏者カーラ・キールステッドも作曲に関わり、 本アルバムを豊かな内容にしている。フレッド・フリスら との共作となる楽曲も多いが、本人のアレンジによる中国 のトラディショナルな楽曲の魅力も大きい。


Wu Fei is a native of Beijing and a current Nashville resident. She is a classically trained composer, master of the guzheng — the 21-string Chinese zither, and a vocalist. She plays in the guzheng's vernacular — a musical language which is at least 2,000 years old, and mixes Western classical and Chinese traditions with a contemporary, idiosyncratic sound. Her early music education was at the China Conservatory of Music, but did her Master's at Mills College and laster immersed herself in the New York downtown improvisation scene at venues like The Stone, where Fei has frequently performed and curated.
Wu Fei composes for choir, string quartet, chamber ensemble, Balinese gamelan, and orchestra; her commissions range from a composition for Percussions Claviers de Lyon that premiered in the Forbidden City Concert Hall in Beijing to live performances in Paris and Tokyo for luxury brand Hermès.  
Currently, Wu Fei is the composer-in-residence for Chatterbird Ensemble. She has also been commissioned by Intersection Ensemble and individual soloists globally. 
In addition to her own original compositions, Fei has collaborated with many artists of different disciplines and genres ranging, from Béla Fleck, Abigail Washburn, Billy Martin (Medeski-Martin-Wood) to avant garde composers John Zorn and Fred Frith. She has taken her guzheng and music around the world and touring highlights include composition premiere at the Forbidden City Concert Hall in Beijing, the MoMA in New York City, North Sea Jazz Festival in the Netherlands, Vossa Jazz in Norway, Europalia Festival in Belgium, and the Big Ears Festival in Tennessee. 
Wu Fei has released two solo records and one duo record with classical guitarist Gyan Riley. Each record exhibits both her unique solo improvisational vocabulary and her craft of composing for chamber orchestras. "Wu's work evinces respect for tradition, an interest in what instruments can do, a strong sense of architecture, and good old fashioned showmanship. " Allmusic.com reviews Wu Fei's chamber work album YUAN released on Tzadik Records. 

北京出身、中国音楽院で音楽を学んだあと 2000 年から アメリカにわたり、ジャンルレスな活動を続けるウー・ フェイ。彼女は中国の伝統的な楽器、古筝(こそう、グーチ ェン)と呼ばれる 21 本の金属弦を持つ琴に近い楽器のプ レイヤーであり、同時にヴォーカル、作詞 / 作曲も手がけ る。著名な作曲家̶ジョン・ゾーンや HENRY COW の フレッド・フリス、女性ヴァイオリン奏者カーラ・キー ルステッド、日本の箏奏者沢井一恵、フリー・ジャズを代 表するピアニスト、セシル・テイラーらとも交流し、幅広 く実験的な活動を行っている。フリー系サックス奏者エ ヴァン・パーカーとのニューヨークデュオコンサートな どのほかベルリン、パリ、ミラノなど世界中の都市をツア ーするなど世界的にも評価が高い。2007 年にリリースさ れた本作と、ジョン・ゾーン主宰の Tzadik Records か らセカンドアルバムをリリースしている。


released February 15, 2012

Wu Fei: guzheng and vocals
Carla Kihlstedt: Violin
Fred Frith: acoustic and electric guitars
Helge A. Norbakken: percussion on Hunan

Cloud of Birds by Wu Fei/Carla Kihlstedt
Chun Song by Wu Fei
Yu Zhou Chang Wan Trad. arr. Wu Fei
Ping Tan by Wu Fei/Carla Kihlstedt
Diao Chan by Wu Fei /Carla Kihlstedt/Fred Frith
Hunan by Wu Fei/Helge A. Norbakken
Summer Palace by Wu Fei
Three Kingdoms by Wu Fei/Carla Kihlstedt/Fred Frith
Dawn by Wu Fei/Carla Kihlstedt/Fred Frith
Qu Qur by Wu Fei
Feng Huo Tai by Wu Fei/Carla Kihlstedt
Wu Yin by Wu Fei/Fred Frith
Little Open Hand Trad. arr. Wu Fei
For Yuxi by Wu Fei/Fred Frith
Nothingness by Wu Fei/Fred Frith
Mad Season by Wu Fei/Fred Frith
Mukamu by Wu Fei/Fred Frith/Carla Kihlstedt
Break Away by Wu Fei/Fred Frith

Bonus solo track:
Paper Boy by Wu Fei


Mastered by Chihei Hatakeyama
Photos by Guido Ponzini, Jonah Kessel
Calligraphy by Wu Bingji
Artwork design by mondii

Released by Nature Bliss Inc.


all rights reserved




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