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Amber & Topaz (pana006)

by Sami Abadi

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"I work alone at my studio, all instruments here, in tune, ready to enter if I need them, electronic processors set up, a dat recorder at the output of my mixer to record everything. The loopers are the main platform for my work. They allow me to record, overdub, create, arrange, try, search and find.
Everything is at hand in a matter of seconds. I work hastily, playing and recording my musical ideas immediately. I orchestrate as i add a new phrase onto the loop by playing the instrument that's required. Creating, arranging, mixing, giving form to the composition, it's all done in one session per song. Each session could take a whole day of work. Generally speaking, either the song is complete or it's abandoned [though no time is wasted -even if the piece is not to last- as this process of making music is always a source of insights]. Lately I began to work with every instrument i play, looking for integration in the aestethic as much as in the orchestration. This is a new stage in my music. It was shaped thru wind instruments, analog synthezisers, electric guitars, percussion, toy-instruments [which i've been using for years], pianos, violins and anything that sounds interesting for me. I've never worried about the style, i go with the ideas as they flow. My own voice appears anyway, and at the same time i can hear in Amber & Topaz echoes of all the music that i've loved."
-Sami Abadi-


「僕は作曲するときはいつもひとりスタジオに籠るんだ。ここには、ふと思いつい た音をすぐに出して録音したり、瞬間的にひらめいたアイデアをすぐに記録出来 るようにいろんな機材がいつでも出番を待っていて、思いつくまま、閃くままに、 新しい発見やフレーズや音色をつぎつぎとループに重ねて編曲していく。丸一日 中のセッションのなかで、音を出して、アレンジして、そしてミックスして、段々 と曲が形を現す。そうすると曲の原型がひとつ出来上がる。うまくハマらない時 ももちろんあるけれど、失敗したときこそ次の作曲への洞察につながることが多 いような気がするな。 最近は、管楽器、アナログシンセサイザー、ピアノ、バイオリン、おもちゃの楽 器...音の出るものならなんでも作曲に使っているよ。それこそオーケストラの編 成に負けないくらいの数で。これは 僕の音楽活動の新しいステップなんだ。 ひとつのスタイルから離れていくことに、不安よりもむしろ楽しみを感じていて、 その時々で自由な流れに乗って動く、そういう風にやっていくのが理想的だと思 うし、今回の "amber & topaz" では僕が愛聴してきた色々な音楽の要素も組み合 わさってとても素敵な作品になったんだ、聴いてみて。」


Sami Abadi (Buenos Aires, Argentina 1965) is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and electronic performer. He has been developing his own sound departing from his unique electric violin playing through real time electronic processing. Sami has played over 300 solo concerts and has been invited to lay his sound with virtually everybody at the new music scene in Argentina, in concerts and recordings. One of this experiences led to a collaboration with the internationally acclaimed performance group De La Guarda and later with his music director Gaby Kerpel, as well as with Fuerzabruta, the group's follow up. Since year 2001 Sami is the electric violin player with Ultratango, an electronic-tango ensemble that plays Astor Piazzolla´s music on electronic instruments.
Besides of playing concerts at his own country, Sami has toured round New York City in september 1998 (12 concerts, including The Living Room, Baby Jupiter, The Knitting Factory) and once again in august 2000 (16 concerts, including CB's Gallery, The Baggott Inn, Void, and one more time The Knitting Factory, and the venues from the previous gig).
His music for processed toys was featured at the LEM Festival -Barcelona- in october 2004, and at the first issue of Pecha Kucha Night-Argentina (at Ciudad Cultural Konex).
He has scored several theatre plays, films, contemporary dance performances and art-video pieces and his work has been celebrated by the local press, with some international echo (The Wire, october 2000).
Sami Abadi has been awarded by The Bridgestone Foundation for his electronic composition "Minotauro" (Primera Bienal de Arte Bridgestone, november 2000).

Solo albums:
"Lejos o leve?" (1998)
"Lunar" (2003)
"Escuela de Vuelo para Anfibios"(2006)
Sami has developed a career as a music educator as well, being Improvisation one of his major concerns.

He teaches at his own studio, is a founder member of FLADEM (Foro LatinoAmericano de Educacion Musical), a workshop leader at Colleges and Universties and an author on music education ("Musica, Maestro!", Humanitas 1994 & Lumen/Humanitas 2001).

1965 年、アルゼンチン、ブエノスアイレス生まれ。エレキ・ヴァイオリンプレイからキャリアをスタートさせた現在 45 歳のマルチイン ストゥルメンタル・プレイヤー / 電子音楽家。音楽に対する強い探究心はニューヨークをはじめ世界公演で喝采を浴びた前衛パフォーマ ンス集団デ・ラ・グアルダ(De La Guarda)、その音楽監督のガビー・ケルペル(Gaby Kerpel)との共同作業につながった。また並行し て、タンゴと現代音楽を実験的に融合させたバンドであるウルトラタンゴのメンバーとしても活動している。 これまで、ソロとしては「Lejos o leve?」(1998)、「Lunar」 (2003)、「Escuela de Vuelo para Anfibios」(2006) の 3 作をリリースしてお り、最近作は電気ヴァイオリンによるドローンを下敷きに、カリンバ、フルート、メロディカ、シロフォン、ラッパ...多種多様な楽器によ るフレーズを彼独自のブレンドで練り上げたウォーミーサイケデリア異空間アルバムとなっている。このアルバムはリリース時から音楽通 の間では話題を呼び、現在でも色褪せないアンビエントミュージックの裏定番といえる。前衛的な一面と、オーガニックで親しみ易く、遊 び心に満ちた面も併せ持つ絶妙なバランス感覚は彼ならではのもの。 アレハンドロ・フラノフやフェルナンド・カブサッキ、サンチャゴ・ヴァスケス等とも親交が深い、アルゼンチン最重要人物の一人。


released December 8, 2010

Produced by Sami Abadi
Sami Abadi plays Violins , Keyboards , Guitars , Zither , Wind Instruments , Percussion & Electronics .
All music written by Sami Abadi
Recorded in Buenos Aires at home
Mastered by Corey Fuller
Artwork by Sami Abadi
Layout & Design by mondii , Satoshi Ogawa


all rights reserved




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