水のかたち(Mizu no katachi) (kk030)

by 松本 一哉(Kazuya Matsumoto)

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◆「水のかたち」 松本一哉氏による作品の概要

この作品は、自然の中で自然の音と共に演奏をし、後に多重録音などをしないというコンセプトで作った作品です。僕は自分が指揮者にでもなったつもりで音を選んで聴けば、身の回りには常に偶然に作曲された音楽が溢れていると考えていました。そして、その偶然のオーケストラに自分も参加し、自分が音を足すことで全く別の聴き方が出来たり、無かった世界を生むことが出来ると考えていました。作品のモチーフに水を選んだのは、年中雨や曇りの土地で育ったからなのか、昔から水の音や水っぽい場所に惹かれていて、何かを創作する際に水をモチーフにし続けてきたからです。色々な年月、色々な場所で、その時間、その瞬間に偶然鳴った音。ある瞬間に自分が鳴らした音、鳴らさなかった音など、自然と一緒に演奏をする醍醐味が作品内に詰まっています。何度も何度も何度も通い尽くして録音出来た音や、たまたまそこに居たから録れた音など、1音1音とじっくりと向き合ってもらえるよう色々と趣向を凝らしました。偶然と必然、作為と無作為なんかを意識しながら聴いてもらえたら良いなぁと思います。 松本一哉

- アーティストプロフィール

石川県出身、東京在住の打楽器奏者。 伝統芸能や繊細で美しい美術工芸品を文化とする金沢で生まれ、自然の生み出すスケールと暮らしに息づく伝統から得たインスピレーションを自身のフィルターを通し音像へと落とし込む事で伝統と先進を意識した音楽表現をしている。波紋音・銅鑼・シンギングボールなどの倍音を多く含んだ打楽器を中心に、音具・工芸品・自然物・非楽器などの音の鳴るオブジェクトを使用。音階や旋律ではなく音の響きそのものに重きを置き、自然の中での演奏・録音から作品作りを行い、一般的な音楽感からは逸脱したとしても、価値観や美意識に共鳴してくれる人や世界に音を届け続けることを自身のライフワークとしている。2013年に瀬戸内国際芸術祭の関連事業「おとくち」プロジェクトにてグランプリを受賞。2014年には「原始感覚美術祭2014 水のうたがき 特別公演」の音楽担当や、バストリオの舞台『ALice, where are you going? 』にドラム・パーカッションで出演するなど、音楽の枠を越えて多岐にわたって活動中。 これまでの共演者はAmetsub , kyoka , sawako, Chihei Hatakeyama, 津田貴司, 灰野敬二, バストリオ, haruka nakamura, FourColor, minamo, 34423, mergrim, yui onodera等。ドラマーとしては、杉本佳一
(Minamo,Vegpher,Fourcolor) のFilFla、mergrim × kazuya matsumoto、イトケンwith SPEAKERS 等に参加。

A debut album by Japanese percussionist Kazuya Matsumoto entitled "Mizu no katachi" meaning "Shape of Water".
This is an archive of his 5 years spending time within the nature, performing with water which he describes as below.

"When I go into the nature and focus on particular sounds as if I were the conductor, I find there are numerous accidentally composed music playing here and there. And my idea was to join this nature orchestra providing sounds to them to form another different world which would enable myself to listen to them from a completely different angle.

I decided to use water as the main theme as I'm somehow attracted to them maybe as I grew up in a place where it's cloudy and raining all year around. Sounds evolved accidentally from different places of different period and times, and that very moment I played / not played to them. To me, it was full of excitement to join the nature. Some sounds were able to record upon countless visits, and some just happen to be lying there. I tried different approaches so that people can enjoy and face each and every sounds. It would be my pleasure if you can listen to the happenings and the inevitable, and also conscious and the subconscious. "

- Kazuya Matsumoto PROFILE:

Kazuya Matsumoto is a drummer / percussionist from Tokyo (Japan), born and grew up in the city of Kanazawa, Ishikawa prefecture where famous for it's traditional arts and beautiful crafts. He is inspired by the great scale of nature, and the daily traditions there, which he filters through himself to create original sounds with an awareness of tradition and progression. His focus is more into the sound and the resonance itself rather than the musical scales and melodies, mainly using harmonic percussions such as hamon, gong and singing bowl, and other non-instrument objects which makes sounds. His creation starts by performing and recording in the nature which he sees as his life work. In 2013, he received the grad prix award in the Otokuchi project which was held as the related project of Setouchi International Art Festival. He is also active in the non-music industry field such as being in charge of producing music for Primitive Sense Art Festival (2014), and taking part in the Busstrio‘s play "ALice, where are you going?"as the drummer and percussionist. In 2015, he releases his 1st solo album "Mizu no katachi" from SPEKK label. He has also previously shared stages with musicians such as Ametsub, kyoka, sawako, Chihei Hatakeyama, Takashi Tsuda, Keiji Haino, Haruka Nakamura, FourColor, Minamo, 34423, Mergrim and Yui Onodera. As a drummer, he plays in bands like FilFla (with Keiichi Sugimoto), Mergrim x Kazuya Matsumoto and Itoken with Speakers.


released December 17, 2015


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