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落​ち​る​散​る​満​ち​る OchiruChiruMichiru (KK034)

by 松本一哉 Kazuya Matsumoto

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  • 落ちる散る満ちる(OchiruChiruMichiru)(KK034)
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Following the highly acclaimed debut album “Mizu no Katachi”, Matsumoto returns with his 2nd album “OchiruChiruMichiru” meaning “Drop Scatter Full” in Japanese. This is an one track 60 minute recording inside the limestone cave, with the sound of water dripping onto the metal plates of glockenspiel which he has placed separately inside the cave.
It is a document of sounds played automatically beyond the artist’s intentions. As listening through this “nature orchestra”, you may discover your existence surrounded by the infinite soundscape. Recommended for all music fans.

<Text by Kazuya Matsumoto>

“This is a 60 minute recording of the water drops dripping from top of the limestone cave onto the metal plates of the glockenspiel which I have placed one by one on the ground. The rhythm and the melodies produced by the water drops, the evolving accidental harmonies, the reverberations that grows inside the cave - I would be happy if you could enjoy the moments of these sounds formed by the nature.”

波紋音などの音具を使用した名盤「水のかたち」がロングセールスを続ける松本一哉の待望のセカンド・アルバムは、鍾乳洞で1発録音された60分間に渡る、滴る雫による鉄琴の自動演奏!!演奏家の「意図」を越えた、自然が織りなす音の調べは、もはや「美しい」だけでは形容できない、宇宙規模な無限の広がりの中に自己を発見するかのようなドキュメント作品。あらゆる音楽を経過してきた方を始め、万人に聴いてほしい名作です! !


Kazuya Matsumoto is a sound artist and percussionist from Kanazawa (Ishikawa) now based in Tokyo. Matsumoto uses any objects that sounds including Japanese instruments like Hamon and Shamisen.
He focuses on the sound itself rather than the notes and melodies, and performs and records in the nature to create documental pieces.
By mixing his performance with environmental sounds, he transforms the whole space giving the audience a new experience.

In 2013, he received the grad prix award in the Otokuchi project which was held as the related project of Setouchi International Art Festival. In 2014, he produced music for Primitive Sense Art Festival.
In 2015, he releases his 1st solo album "Mizu no katachi" from SPEKK label. In 2016, he joined the “Kenko music festival” organized by the Commons label hosted by Ryuichi Sakamoto. He has also
toured extensively throughout Japan (56 shows) as the “Mizu no Katachi release tour”. In 2017, his first sound installation “Sound capsule ~ Kazuya Matsumoto himself as an exhibit” was exhibited at the "Nakagin Capsule Tower OPEN CELL 2017” held at a profound architecture designed by Kisho Kurokawa.

He has also previously shared stages with musicians such as Asuna, Ametsub, Opitope, kyoka, sawako, Akio Suzuki, Chihei Hatakeyama, Takashi Tsuda, Tomoko Sauvage, Keiji Haino, Bus Trio, Haruka Nakamura, FourColor, Yosuke Fujita, Federico Durand, Minamo, 34423 and Yui Onodera. As a drummer, he plays in bands FilFla (with Keiichi Sugimoto), Mergrim x Kazuya Matsumoto, and with Itoken as Speakers etc.

[ 松本一 哉 Kazuya Matsumoto ] http://www.horhythm.com

東京を拠点に活動している石川県金沢出身の音楽家・打楽器奏者。 波紋音・音のかけら・三昧琴などの音の鳴る造形物を使用。 音階や旋律ではなく音の響きそのもの に着目し、自然の中での演奏・録音からドキュメンタルな作品作りを行うなど、独自の音楽活動を展開。 自身の演奏と環境音とを繋げていき、空間全体を聴く事で表現する即 興音楽は、打楽器奏者の枠を超えより自由に空間の成り立ちを提示できる数少ないアーティストとして様々な分野から高い評価を受けている。

2013 年|瀬戸内国際芸術祭の関連事業「おとくち」プロジェクトにてグランプリを受賞。
2014 年|原始感覚美術祭2014 水のうたがきの音楽担当。
2015 年|自身初のソロ作品『水のかたち』をSPEKK からリリース。 2016 年|坂本龍一を中心とした音楽レーベルcommmons 主催のイベント「健康音楽」への出演。 DOMMUNE にて自主企画を配信し、主催の宇川直宏に「神回」と賞賛。白川郷をはじめ、全国56ヶ所を周る『水のかたちリリースツアー』を開催。
2017 年|建築家・黒川紀章の初期の代表作である中銀カプセルタワービルにて開催された「Nakagin Capsule Tower̃OPEN CELL 2017」において、自身初のインスタレーション「サウンドカプセル ~松本一哉自身が展示物~」を行う。

これまでの共演者はasuna , Ametsub , Opitope , kyoka , sawako , 鈴木昭男 , Chihei Hatakeyama , 津田貴司 , Tomoko Sauvage , 灰野敬二 , バストリオ , haruka nakamura , FourColor , 藤田陽介 , Federico Durand , minamo , 34423 , yui onodera など。
ドラマーとしては、杉本佳一(Minamo,Vegpher,Fourcolor) のFilFla、mergrim × kazuya matsumoto、34423とのユニットondkit、イトケンwith SPEAKERS 等に参加。


released June 18, 2017


all rights reserved




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