Shipping and return policies for NATURE BLISS

Shipping Info

Shipping via economy airmail to some countries (like USA, Canada, many European countries) are now restricted by the Japan Post due to the COVID-19 situation. Basically in that case, we will have to ship via Sea mail which takes around 2 months, and the shipping fee is still the same. Or for some countries there are no method at the moment to ship packages so in that case, we need to wait until the restrictions are over. But for some countries, we can still send by Air mail (express shipping). You will need to pay extra shipping fees in that case, but please ASK US for details beforehand because the situation changes from time to time, and the shipping restrictions for each countries are different.
Return Policy
In case of damaged products or mis-shipping, please write to us within 7 days of the arrival, and we will send a replacement. Otherwise, we due not accept returns.